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The Advantages


Why choose Natural Soap?
Skin is the largest human organ and our first line of defense against toxins, infection, dehydration and temperature. Our skin is affected daily by the products we use and it is therefore important to protect our skin. One way to nourish our skin and to prevent harmful toxins from entering our body is to use soaps that contain natural products such as the use of nature’s water ( rain water), essential oils rather that synthetic or fragrance oils, natural colourants such as spices or clays and vegetable based oils (olive, coconut, palm, sunflower, castor and canola) rather than animal or petroleum oils. No harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens or synthetics are found in my soap. Using natural soaps not only gently cleanse and moisturize skin but help to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Why use handmade vegan soaps rather than commercial soap?
All soaps are made using lye but commercial soaps available in stores are detergents and not really soap. Detergent soap leaves your skin feeling dry, itchy, and tight. One of the reasons for this is the fact that a valuable by-product which is produced during the soap making process is extracted from commercial soaps and sold separately. This by-product is called glycerin and is a clear liquid that absorbs water from the air and is a key factor in keeping your skin moisturized, soft and healthy. Handmade soap contains all of the natural glycerin. In addition, most commercial soaps contain Tallow an animal product which irritates sensitive skin.

Why use Essential Oils?
Essential oils are natural extracts from plants that yield a highly concentrated liquid that contains the aroma particular to that plant. Using EO’s in soap allows natural rather than synthetic scents to be used. EO’s can also be used for emotional well being and specific ailments. For example, lavender is known for its relaxation properties. 

Why use Castor Oil? 
Castor oil in soap produces amazing lather and wonderful moisturizing properties


Customers can rest assured knowing that only quality ingredients from nature go into my soaps. Batches are small and made in my home with careful attention to quality and detail. The blend of my vegan oils is selected for a soap that is balanced to produce cleansing, moisturizing and lathering qualities. Bars are marketed with as little packaging as possible.