Foot Care 101

Foot Care 101

Did you know on average a person walks a whooping 160000 km in their lifetime and here’s a few more  interesting nuggets. Both feet make up for 25% of the bodys bones, 18% of joints and 6% of muscles.  So, given these facts we begin to realize the importance of  why we should take care of our dogs.

Unfortunately, not much thought goes into foot health and foot care.  Most folks take their tootsies for granted and happily go about their day walking, running, exercising, working, completely errands, shopping and doing whatever else life throws their way.

SPOILER ALERT ...our health is affected when we ignore the health of our feet. Its only when discomfort or pain is experienced that people realize just how important and how much they rely on those parts down yonder. It's when this happens we realize how painful feet can impact quality of life, impede productive work and regular physical activity....all of those activities that make us self sufficient and make life worth living. We all know the importance of regular exercise  and how without it we are heading down thet slippery slope to serious ailments like heart disease, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, mental health, diabetes and yikes! so much more.  So after all is said and done, its easy to understand why we should be keeping our feet healthy. Footcare should be part of our daily routine just like showering, skincare, oral care, hair care and body care.  

To keep our feet in top notch condition follow these tips.

1. Daily wash and thoroughly drying feet including between toes.

2. Applying a foot butter or moisturizer will keep  feet from drying out and help to heal cracked dry heels.  Foot sugar scrubs help to exfoliate and soften. Foot soaks that include Epsom salts help to ease stressed and tired feet; decrease inflammation and ease muscle soreness and cramps. Oils of peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary are excellent oils to include in products

3. Alternating between shoes allows them time  to air out and prevent fungus and bacteria from invading our shoes.

4. Wearing foot protection in public pools, showers and patios can prevent contact with athletes foot.

5. Wearing  proper sized shoes with good support  and avoiding flip flops will help to support the arch. High heels and poor fitting shoes can contribute to bad foot health.

6. Avoid wearing someone else's shoes

7. Wearing clean socks can prevent odors and fungi and keep feet dry

8. Regular foot massages can improve foot circulation, reduce symptons of flat feet, fight depression and anxiety and lower blood pressure

9. Examine your feet regularly to look for cuts and bruises, check for scaling a/o peeling which may be an indication of athletes foot

10. If you are diabetic, get regular foot checks

So there you have it in a nutshell – footcare 101. We hope you’ve been inspired and wishing you a  pair of happy, healthy hooves.